The Past Celebrity Lives

Many people don’t see that you can’t have karma without reincarnation, and the concept of reincarnation dictates you’re the sum total of all your prior existences.

Even though you do not consciously recall, all of your actions in previous lives, positive and negative, generated the challenges and rewards you experience today, along with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being.

While our findings show there may be some exceptions (for instance, select souls choosing to incarnate with challenges they didn’t earn with the purpose of assisting humankind through their trials), you’re a sum total of your past lives.

Although we admit that reincarnation is a concept we can not prove as fact, we’re convinced it is a natural part of the evolution of the soul. We also accept that some prefer to view reincarnation for a metaphor. Either way, the idea will help to understand humanity, which contributes to more empathy. Check:

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Over twenty-five years of empirical study involving this subject together with countless past life regressions (our own and others’), allows us to comprehend spontaneous past life comprehension of family, friends, and strangers. Sometimes we perceive a general past life motif, which is always about the current life conditions, rather than details like where or who.

Past lives of celebrities:

This Hollywood celebrity earned an academy award whilst still in his twenties. Critics say his famous director uncle helped his profession, but we view him as a 1920 movie star whose profession was unjustly cut brief, in addition to a gifted actor in many other past lives (spanning back to historical times) who didn’t yet get the benefits he had earned. Thus, he had been born into the ideal situation this opportunity to reap the advantages of lifetimes of hard labour. His connections are an example of how things that seem “undeserved” or “unearned” on the outside, sometimes are not.

This socialist dictator of a South American state who expired with a net worth of two billion USD advised his citizens frequently, so many words, that wealthy men and women are poor and socialism is great, while the nation’s economy plummeted into desperate problems. A key past lifetime of his was a ruthless crony capitalist business titan. Based on his life in South America, he had not learned his lessons about hurting others as you need to get treated. He’ll need to come back and balance a great deal of karma, contemplating his actions that led to millions afflicted by poverty.

He’s enjoyed a decades-long profession and it is difficult to envision any young ring now matching their longevity. We see him past lives as somebody who had been forced to endure long-term solitude, possibly as a captive, which directed him to needing to equilibrium, in future lifetimes, the lack of sensual gratification. Deprivation of someone’s sensual appetite can manifest as too much of a good thing in lives. In addition, we see him as a successful retailer in over 1 lifetime, in addition to a well-known celebrity for the courtroom in renaissance times.

His best rated cable news political series makes him a star on the political right, yet excessively rigid positions on abortion as well as the failed drug war (he’s in favor of it) may point to unconscious, hidden guilt against one or more past lives where he abused his power about these two issues. Maybe he urged the killing of innocents of interest to the opium trade in early China.

She’s a celebrity on the left and has her very own cable TV news series. An out of this closet Caucasian lesbian, she makes no secret of her disdain of conservative, white men. We watch her as a bigoted white male in a previous life, one that treated women unfairly. She has returned to equilibrium her karma, along with her current career helps her to do this.

This NBA star retired in the 1990s and is known among the greatest, if not the greatest, to ever play the game. We think he is enjoying glory and power this time from many lifetimes between military, exposing back to early times. His prominence goes back throughout the Middle East, such as ancient Egypt and Babylon. We feel he subconsciously, while on the court, experienced the video game as doing conflict like he has done successfully so many times in the past.

We believe it’s uncommon for a person to be renowned in nearly all their lifetimes. Though you’re not famous now, you may have been in one or more lives, or you may be in a future life. Famous or not, what ultimately matters most is the way you manage your important life lessons.

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